Institutional presentation

The Palestinian Municipalities Support Program (PMSP) has been promoted in 2004 through a specific Agreement between the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Palestinian National Authority. 
Its activities, started in 2006, have been frozen in 2007 and restarted in 2008 with new objectives, Institutional Partners and  new strategies.

The PMSP, created when the Italian Local Authorities had funds to dedicate to the International Cooperation, has as main goal the promotion of technical and economic partnerships between Italian and Palestinian Local Authorities.  

The Italian Government is active through other channels, such as the Italian Cooperation, which supports the Governance and the Development of the Private Sector as highlighted in Palestinian Reform and Development Plan (PRDP).

The PMSP Program follows the directives provided by the Palestinian National Authority, as well as those provided by Italian Cooperation.

PMSP activities are in line with the Reform Process of the Palestinian Local Authorities for what concern the process of decentralization from Central Offices to Peripheral Offices.

In partnership with the Ministry of Local Government, the following sectors have been considered of primary importance:

1. Water and Sanitation;
2. Solid Waste Management;
3. Cultural Heritage, with particular focus on Tourism;
4. Social Development, with particular focus on People with Special Needs, in conformity with the UN Convention 13/12/2006;
5. Institutional and Capacity Building.

Thanks to the support of the Italian Local Authorities, the Palestinian Local Authorities will go through a progressive improvement of their Local Administrative System.