Addressing the social needs of PwD through the Local Authority –Town of Yatta (HEB CR 005 09)

Hebron Governorate | Social Development
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Municipality of Yatta
Local Partner: 
Qader for Community Development
Italian Partner: 
Target group: 
Persons with disabilities and their families
631.523,00 Euro
Approval date: 
30 months


  • Local Authorities in Hebron and Bethlehem Governorates contribute to the social development of PwD and to the fulfillment of their rights;
  • The Municipality of Yatta addresses the social needs of persons with disabilities in the city effectively and sustainably.



  • Capacity of Yatta Municipality in aspects related to disability enhanced, and a disability plan for the city of Yatta developed;
  • Basic social services established in Yatta city, and the hosting facility activated;
  • Profitable project for supporting the social function of Yatta Municipality selected and implemented;
  • A study of the status of PwD in Yatta and a case study report on the implemented social model conducted and published.



  • Staff of Yatta Municipality;
  • Persons with disabilities and their families, marginalized groups (women, youth and children).