Education and Cooperation in Bethlehem (BET CR 053 11)

Bethlehem Governorate | Social Development
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John Paul II Foundation
Local Partner: 
Italian Partner: 
Italian Ministry for Youth, Lazio Region, Municipality of Assisi, Municipality of Pavia, Life and Peace Association
Target group: 
Children; teachers
217.440,00 Euro
Approval date: 
12 months


  • To improve Palestinian social context, to provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences in the formal education sector;
  • Promoting inclusive education in Bethlehem encouraging the idea of an inclusive school for all, one of the main points of the Millennium Development Goals;
  • The project proposes to support teachers and educators, in close collaboration with Association for Life and Peace and local community, in a didactic course that leads to promote an inclusive school, also for disadvantaged children;
  • Through the realization of a modern school, the project has the objective to facilitate a change of the policies, to protect the right to study of the children with special needs;
  • Children and teachers will be the real protagonists, participating in different activities, but also Institutions and civil society will be involved.



  • Additional classes and learning support in order to help children (especially those who are in serious economic troubles) in improving their condition;
  • Leisure activities inspired by a culture of peace and brotherhood to make the children experience a different reality characterized by reciprocal love and help that can change their life;
  • Create job opportunity for teachers who give lessons in rotation;
  • Create an opportunity to confront with other experiences and learn more know-how in Italy. 



  • 40 kids that would find in the activities of the school the chance to improve their nutritional and health status, and the chance to establish relationships with adults in order to help them to grow up in emotional, intellectual, professional terms and to help them to overcome the trauma;
  • 4 teachers that will be trained;
  • Workers of the Bethlehem Kindergarten.