Peace prints- micro economy and social sustainability (EJE MP 205 09)

Jerusalem | Social Development
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Child center for culture and development
Local Partner: 
Italian Partner: 
Municipality of Rozzano (MI), Municipality of Corsico (MI), Municipality of Cesano Boscone (MI); Vento di Terra (ONG)
Target group: 
Working persons, children, operators in Shu'fat and Qalandia Refugee Camps
179.521,00 Euro
Approval date: 
12 months


  • Developing and promoting the local micro economy offering new work chances based on a nonprofit issues to the local population.



  • The leather Cooperative home is settled up, equipped and furnished;
  • The Cooperative strengthened its position on the market and reached the management and financial autonomy, by implementing a no-profit perspective;
  • 7 young people are trained and started working;
  • The production level reached its potential, equal to 18.000 sandals’ pairs, and the quality standard requested by local and European markets;
  • The local network expanded, Fair Trade methods and objectives are promoted and new marketing channels are opened;
  • A rise in the awareness of the Italian communities involved on the subject of Palestinian refugee’s children rights is registered and the methods and results of the project are promoted among those communities;
  • Shufat and Qalandia educational services received 10.000 Euros from the cooperative income and improve significantly their economical sustainability;
  • Shufat and Qalandia educational services increased the range of activities and improved their quality, thus answering to the beneficiaries’ needs;
  • Shu’fat and Qalandia educational services are attended by 400 children and teenagers between 6 and 14 years old, and the activities in the schools reach up to 1.000 and 2.000 individual, programs are carried on;
  • An efficient social enterprise model, replicable in other contexts, is set up.



  • 1% working persons in Shufat and Qalandia Refugee Camps;
  • 30% of the total of children and youth in Shufat and Qalandia Refugee Camps;
  • 50% of the social operators in Shufat and Qalandia Refugee Camps;
  • 30% of the total population in Shufat and Qalandia Refugee Camps;
  • 30% of the administrators and managers of the management services in Shufat and Qalandia Refugee Camps;
  • 80% of the total of the children and youth attending Primary School and Social centers in Shufat and Qalandia Refugee Camps.