Strengthen Financial Capacities of Bethlehem JSCSWM and Public Awareness and Community Participation Campaign (BET SW 003.09)

Bethlehem Governorate | Solid Waste Management
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Joint Service Council for Solid Waste Management - Bethlehem Governorate (JSCSWM)
Local Partner: 
Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (PWEG)
Italian Partner: 
Municipality of Capannori (Lu); Municipality of San Giuliano Terme (Pi); Ascit Servizi Ambientali S.p.A; Geofor S.p.A; Timesis SRL
Target group: 
Staff of Bethlehem JSCSWM; Bethlehem population
399,654.42 Euro
Approval date: 
24 months


  • Improvement of quality standards of life of Bethlehem Governorate population through the improvement of public services provided by JSCSWM;
  • Strengthening of financial viability of Bethlehem JSCSWM through costs optimization, settings of a tariff plan for solid waste management services, increase in fees collection ratio and financial management capability;
  • Obtain the public participation through an increase in the awareness level of local population over environmental and sanitary risks deriving from improper waste management, making them involved in solid waste problem resolution;
  • Raise of the share of resident population keen to pay for SWM services.



  • Solid Waste Management Assessment report is achieved;
  • A tariff plan for SWM service has been set;
  • The tariff plan has been adopted by law;
  • The tariff collection system has been improved;
  • The percentage of SWM tariff payers among resident is increased;
  • Bethlehem Governorate population has deepened its understanding on SWM issue and has developed a positive attitude
    towards SW problem resolution;
  • Community has been reached by the information campaign;
  • Bethlehem Governorate community has taken part to workshops, demonstration activities in schools and public areas;
  • Strengthened cooperation between Authorities and Communities.



  • Staff of Bethlehem JSCSWM (5 people);
  • Population targeted by the information campaign (180.000);
  • Women and youth taking part to workshops (estimated in 300 people);
  • Pupils involved in demonstration activities (estimated in 300);
  • Local experts and SWM staff of Local Authorities member of the JSCSWM (about 30 people);
  • Population of Bethlehem governorate (about 180.000 people);
  • Staff of Hebron JSCSWM and Bethlehem and Hebron Higher Joint Service Council HJSCSWM.


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